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Residential Cleaning


Services executed with tested products and with proven success, our services include basic, intermediate and advanced packages. Services made with scheduled attendance and task checklist.

Cleaning after party


We seek in this service to reassure our clients to receive their friends and after their moment of fun, leave us the job of guaranteeing the peace, cleanliness, and tranquility of your home.


Cleaning and help moving


Specialized service for your move, you will not need to worry about the cleaning either of the origin nor of the destination, we will also be able to help our clients with the support to organize their goods in boxes identified for ease and agility in the new life, in this service we can include transportation and organization in your new home.


Cleaning Glasses


Work specializing in ensuring the transparency that your home deserves, bringing the real sense of cleanliness of your home, with products and tools appropriate to the quality of the work, we will always guarantee the best result for our clients.


Personal Organizer

With advanced organizational knowledge, we have the assistance team to organize internal areas of our client's house as well as the garage, always ensuring ease and quick access to our clients' searches and a truly impressive vision.


Deep cleaning​


Specialized services for cleaning hidden details as well as difficult cleaning scuffs, these jobs need to be inspected prior to product estimation and time required for perfect execution.

Additional services

Laundry service


In this service, we can only put your clothes and fabrics of the house in the processes of the dryer and washing machine or we can take care of the whole process including the organization in your closet and closets.

Inside cabinets and Closets


We understand exactly how much free time is important to you, so we have how to offer the cleaning, organizing and cleaning work so that your clothes and products will always be in perfect condition in your closets and closets.​

Inside Oven


This service makes up the thorough cleaning and complete hygiene of your stove and oven

Inside refrigerator


This service makes up the deep cleaning and complete sanitation of your refrigerator.​

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